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Coles Parking Trusted Application

Coles Parking

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SteamID: STEAM_0:1:48565423


Discord User#: Coles Parking#4490


Your in-game name: Coles Parking


What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot):





Please note, these are REAL game time hours and with absolutely no AFK times. I have been on this server for at least 6 months.



How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):



How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot): Listed as above.

I feel it's worth mentioning I never insulted or caused beef with anyone, it was just a bad word overheard by Ivan Milat. However it doesn't excuse what I said!




Why do you believe that you deserve Trusted?

I believe I'm generally well known as a friendly and helpful player to the community while remaining a fun player that's true to the roleplaying rules. I'm often seen helping new players and confronting players whom are breaking rules or doing the wrong thing by advising them and to check the rules to avoid themselves getting into more trouble. I believe this takes stress off the ticket system for staff when dealing with rule breakers.


Alternatively I will write tickets if rule breakers continue but with a reasonable matter as opposed to a rage/revenge ticket (which I imagine staff unnecessarily have to deal with), - I believe many staff members here could vouch for my use of the ticket system. I believe many (including myself) make mistakes time from time and should be forgiven/without warn if they're able to admit of wrong doing and learn without repeating mistakes as I've seen very positive outcomes from this as well as in personal experiences as I'm very open to criticism and when I'm wrong.


Furthermore I'm very familiar with the rules in all aspects of the game including the police & SWAT rules, this helps me assist with players rather than going to straight for a staff member.


I believe my only downfall is I'm not SUPER active on the server, nor forums or discord as I do work 12 hours a day unfortunately.

But Orbital Roleplaying is my unwinding and free time play :)


Explain how you can help the community with your Trusted rank?


Following my above paragraph, my mission would be to keep the community friendly as possible while also helping to maintain and enforce the rules to ensure a healthy server. I feel players would be very confident in my ability if they seen me as "Trusted". I believe I'm very open minded to hearing players whom are having issues and are able to resolve problems.



Are you familiar with our rules and guidelines? Yes


Do you agree that your rank will be stripped completely if misused?: Yes


Do you agree to not abuse any powers that are given to you with this rank? Yes

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Hello Coles.


Starting with the positives. You have 3 days and only one warn that's from a month ago. You're well known throughout the community. You have a positive attitude towards the server and the community. However, You're inactive in game and on the discord and you registered on the forums just so you could make a trusted app. I haven't talked to you in ages and my last memories of you I can't think of whether you were mature or not. It's gonna be a -1 from me, however it can be changed if activity increases on everything.


Good luck with the app.

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i agree with everything thyking has said here if you put a lot of effort into your trusted app which is good but you also need to be active across all platforms in the server and from what i can see you haven't been very active in any of them i suggest you get your activity up in the forums by just replying to other apps and some discussions and become more involved in conversations in the discord. i am sadly going to have to -1 this application.

gl with your trusted app <3

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