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What's an underrated game you'd recommend someone?


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DOOM: Eternal

Hey Keenu <span style=👋">,


THANK YOU, for your reply :D I love to see this kind of interaction with the community (y) !

Unfortunately :(, your post stating "DOOM: Eternal" to be a recommendable "Underrated Game" is in fact FALSE :mad:.



Due to the fact that "DOOM: Eternal" is NOT (n)an "Underrated Game" (as the post specifies 😬)


Doom HAS made a lot of smart decision making. It also has independent systems that interact.

  • Health, Armor, and Ammo <span style=⛑️"> (and ENEMIES, using the Glory Kill / Chainsaw systems) being limited resources ensures that you have to make choices about pathing and how you intend to spend those resources .
  • Demons having different specialties and capabilities <span style=👹"> means the choice of which ones to kill first matter. Pick off the easy ones when you can, or risk having imps sneak up behind you so you can use them to top off later when fighting the Barons?
  • Glory Kills <span style=✝️"> offering additional health and/or armour but also sometimes leaving you in a worse position and/or meaning you can't just use your biggest guns creates decision-making.
  • Chainsaws <span style=🪚"> refuelling you but being less frequently usable on bigger monsters creates decision making.
  • Ammo upgrades<span style=⬆️"> , suit upgrades<span style=⬆️">, and rune slots create interesting interactions (runes especially) and give player's choices.

and the fact that BETHESDA SOFTWORKS :cool: has made $450 MILLION dollars 🤑 (that's a lot btw (a lot meaning big))






I have articulated that your post claiming :geek: "DOOM: Eternal" to be an "Underrated Game" to in fact be


Please Re-reply in 2 Weeks


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Titanfall 2 easily.

It launched around the time of two other AAA games that everyone bought so it got skipped by most people but IMO the best game out there, a Fast-paced FPS with perfect wall-running that requires skill yet new players can put up a fight against older ones, it's got everything.

Plus the campaign is beautiful with amazing character development and lore.

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