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ban appeal

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Your SteamID : STEAM_0:1:220629960


In-game name : i forgot


Time and date of ban (Use timezone):

06/11/21 - 10.50am

; banned for eternity


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Terra


Further details: "distribution of child porn" ????????????


Any evidence you can provide: i am not degenerate


Have you become familiar with the rules?: i know i am not perfect , but with friend i will not follow rules or something or with people who dont follow them , but in globality i follow them.


if we can talk about it it would be really kind from you because i spent a lot of time on this server and its bad for me and my friends if its end like this (sorry for the line idk how to remove it) , thanks you.

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The lack of effort in your appeal not only shows the dedication you don't have for this server, but shows that you will not change your mannerisms. Next time try to atleast look apologetic for your actions.


Ban Remains.

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