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Scott Froml (Eshay)'s Staff Application


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Your In-Game Name:

Scott Froml


Steam Name:



Steam Profile:



Your SteamID: (Example > STEAM_0:0:600114 ; Use https://steamrep.com to get yours):



How Old Are You?:



Current Gmod Hours:



Current Server Time:



Current Server Warnings:



How often will you be active?:

Every day. 7-9hours


Do you have a working microphone?:



Do you have previous staff experience? (If so which servers):


Nitro Net | Head-Admin | 6Months.

Ranch RP | Moderator | 1Month.

Equinox Gaming | Owner | 2Months

Guardian Networks (IMPRP, CWRP) | Developer | 6months


Do you understand Admin Commands and how to use them?:

Yes, I have extensive knowledge of Admin Commands and how to use them correctly


Why do you want to become staff on our server?:

I want to become staff because I believe I would be able to help out the community in many ways, Such as:

  1. Activity, I will be active every day ( In discord and in-game ).
  2. Friendliness, I believe I am a really friendly person who can get along with almost anyone.
  3. Caring, I also believe I am really caring towards players and staff. I am currently working on a Psychology Certificate therefore I will be able to understand why the players/staff act the way they do. I will also be able to control myself in stressful situations
  4. Helpful, I believe I’m very helpful in many ways such as: 4.1. I have a few hours on Garry’s Mod so i know quite a bit about the game. 4.2. I have been playing DarkRP for 2-2.5k of my hours, Therefore I know how most servers ( Staff and player ) work
  5. Responsible, I believe I am a very responsible person, I know my boundaries, how to control myself, how to be professional, how to help out with anything that needs ( within reason ).


Why should we pick you?

I believe you should pick me because of the following reasons:

  1. As stated before, I’m Nice, Kind, and caring.
  2. I like to help out as much as I can.
  3. I would rather be on duty then roleplaying as I deem it to be more fun.
  4. I believe I would be a good addition to the staff team, Due to my previous experience and my knowledge in both staffing and staff managing.
  5. I know my way around servers and learn quickly.




Any Other Information You Would Like To Provide?:

I wrote this in google docs and its 400 words <3

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