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Mob Boss prop blocking base


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Your In-Game Name:

It says dLLm at the time because i think it was bugged but its sopose to be Mr Mingis


Your SteamID:

STEAM_0:1 :181330848


Offenders In-Game name:

Twyl Tandus


Offenders SteamID:

STEAM_0:1 :529642179


Details about this incident:

I was raiding a base tonight at around midnight and found this guys base decided to raid it. Lockpicked his first two fading doors and then the second room he was in was prop blocked. I used a camera to look inside to check if it was prop blocked and it was.


Evidence/pictures (If any):


I had to come back on to the server to get my steam Id and it also changed my name from dLLm back to Mr Mingis. Hopefully that proves who i am. The raid timer should also help prove the incident as well cos they matchup.


Time of Incident:

Was around midnight. its 2:30am in the morning now for me but happened just after midnight.

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