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Nanni's round 2 at trusted

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Steam Community Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198274839724/home


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:157286998


Your in-game name: Nanni Bunion


What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot): it's now (4days ing game) and (2150 hours total) hours.PNG.75167e9b59584294904169b5b9fe9322.PNGgamehours.thumb.PNG.482f2947950609a5a2c9e765a2f8158d.PNGHow many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):




Why do you believe that you deserve Trusted? because I'm very active in the community and do my best to help people around to point them in the right direction whether it be getting the content files to stop seeing errors or whether it be helping them report someone or find where they can read the rules I'm an all round nice guy I ask people how there going and always nice even when I get treated poorly i have a flawless record with 1 verbal and it was bc I misunderstood a role apart from that not a problem I always report trouble makers though to make sure the community stays the way it's supposed to and enforcing the rules is 1 one of doing that


Explain how you can help the community with your Trusted rank? helping new players learn what they need to and helping more people enjoy there stay in our community 1 person helping can spread to more and more which is what I would like to do I want everyone to enjoy the stay on the server as much as I can and help others like I helped them out get the word out that there's not a toxic community I'm aware some people look down one those who are just trying to help thinking they are independent and that's fine do your own thing ill help those who need it and those who are asking to be helped




Are you familiar with our rules and guidelines? yes I have them in the background always open if i need to look over them


Do you agree that your rank will be stripped completely if misused?: yes it should be agreed upon by everyone


Do you agree to not abuse any powers that are given to you with this rank? yes No abuse will happen to any power the (trusted) rank gives only helping people at no time is it ok to abuse any power


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Hey mate


Thanks for leaving it a week before reapplying for Trusted :)


I've personally never had an issue with you ingame, you have 0 warnings for 4 days playtime, which demonstrates to me that you understand the rules.


I haven't heard anything bad about you - as they say - no news is good news.


You've reached the required posts to be deemed active on the forums for a trusted application..


I can also see you've made a very good effort to reply to other staff/trusted applications (despite some lacking detail)


This shows me that you really want to be involved within community..


I don't see any reasons why you shouldn't receive trusted.



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Good sir, im going to be -1ing you as of a recent issue in which you showed nothing but immaturity in a

fairly serious subject, it will not be spoken of as it is relatively private in nature, but it showed me what type of person you are. you and others may think otherwise, but from my perspective what i have written above is what i truly think, i wish you luck with whatever else you might pursue, but certainty not this venture.

"Even the finest sword plunged into salt water will eventually rust" - Sun Tzu



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Hey mate, I've read your trusted app.

I've seen that you are active in the forums and the discord. However, you seem a bit immature and cocky. nannimessageone.PNG.cb5b8916d0b8b8faae839c82b68ad95a.PNGnannimessagetwo.PNG.788770b3e3332069869a3ebe9e6b9ed6.PNG


As for in game, I've only had one encounter with you that I can remember. It was not positive nor negative.

I have seen no evidence that you have are knowledgeable of the rules and I don't see you helping other players. As for your warns, I've only seen you a handful of times around and I have not seen you roleplay. You have no warns and that's good, but if you sit somewhere and stay inside your base with little interaction, it would be difficult to prove that you understand the rules.

Due to what Whatis1963 said, And your immaturity during a serious situation, I will -1 this application.

Don't take this the wrong way. You should learn from it.

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Your application lacks professionalism (poor grammar and sentence structure), which reflects that you aren't really interested in the role and despite your 4 day game time and the fact that you claim you're very active, I don't think I've ever seen you in game. On top of this I've only heard negative things about you. Having no formal warnings in 4 days playtime is impressive and shows an understanding of the rules as well as a level of commitment to the server, however until I personally see the level of maturity I'd expect from someone with the trusted role from you in person and see you around more I'm going to give you a -1.
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