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Kekfekwe's Ban Appeal


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Your SteamID:



In-game name: Kekfekwe Babunda I believe


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): not sure all I know is that I got a perma


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: no clue console?


Further details: I got perma banned for ban evading when I gave my cousin game share and told him to play some gmod servers with me then he said he was going to go into orbital gaming and I was like ok then I further found out that I was banned and then he loaded in and then I got perma ban on both accounts. But my previous ban was going to expire and I had thought it had expired so thats why this situation happend. I would like to be given my previous ban again instead of perma. I would like to join this server again.


Any evidence you can provide: N/A


Have you become familiar with the rules?: yes and I would love to start RP'ing again in orbital servers.

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