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Increase Lightshow File Size Limit

Jeremy Coomeracci

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Back again with another grizzle about Nightclub Manager


What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other): Job Modification


Details/Information about your suggestion: The file size for the lightshow on Nightclub Manager's Controller needs to be increased.


How do you think this will benefit the server?: As it stands, players can only get a lightshow of 4kb maximum to run the nightclub. This is too low, as it only allows the player to throw down a couple coloured screens, a fog machine, a stagelight or two and a couple lighttube designs (only basic ones). As I learn more about the role I want to start doing more advanced lightshows (alternating screens, creating bounce effects on the displays with the weed decal, alternating colours on lighttubes and stagelights, etc.) but I can't as the 4kb limit restricts.


As it stands, Nightclub Manager is an underused job as it takes a moderate amount of research to learn and understand, only for little to no players actually come visit (many days i've found myself in 78 player sessions and going a good 25-30 minutes between player interactions). A rule was added semi-recently only allowing music to be played in nightclubs. If those in charge think increasing the limit could cause issues with people creating too big lightshows in their bars on mainstreet or whatever, i'd suggest biting the bullet and only allowing Nightclub Entities in the nightclub (with the exception of the bar of course, bars are fun businesses that add to the overall RP experience and create a more flexible and viable alternative to the nightclub financially). The nightclub is a very large building, and it can be hard to keep it interesting with such restrictions. Hopefully with this change people will be able to walk into a club and not look at the same 1 coloured pattern on all the display screens.



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