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SAS Trooper's Ban Appeal

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SAS Trooper


26 JULY 21, Approx. 9:50pm WST


Unsure of the name, he had a baseball player as his pfp.


I was spewing hate speech in VC and being a minge. Foolish since i occasionally go on this sever to play but this time i was on the piss at home and couldn't really control my speech. I still am a bit.


No evidence for me to plead innocence. I was being a dick and copped an appropriate punishment. I only hope to be given a second chance/probation. One more mess up perm me for good.


I am familiar with the basic darkrp rules, however tonight I just disregarded it completely.


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Drunk or not drunk your behaviour last night was completely appalling and unacceptable and something that I won’t be overturning. I’m glad that you understand to some light that you think extreme sexual harassment and running around yelling racist slurs in the server during your time is a ‘bad’ thing.


If you were “on the piss” when you got home and I banned you a couple hours before you made your appeal, doesn’t that mean you can make somewhat competent decisions? You can’t just become ‘undrunk’.


I don’t want to see you or that weird behaviour on the server again, the ban will remain.

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