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Ban Appeal

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SteamID 76561198157727540


In-game name: AKFCRatChicken


Time and date of ban (Use timezone):2-4 pm GMT+10 25/07/2021


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Pedro


Further details:my cousin was playing on my account and prop spammed near a admin i know saying my cousin was playing sounds like a excuse but did happen although i do take responsibility for what he did as i let him play on my account


Any evidence you can provide: no as he logged after someone said his name (i know this sounds sus)


Have you become familiar with the rules?: yes i usually would never prop spam but as said before i wasn't playing


please unban thanks.

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The situation is this, I catch you trying to do hits in spawn (tryna sneak a kill on meh while I was loading in), I tab in time to see you still shooting me and ask you what's going on. You ignore me and continue shooting me then I bl your weapons for 6h. After that, you followed by spamming washing machines across the street and when I came to look you disconnected instantly. From the events that occurred, it seemed as if you acted in spite of being caught and being given the weapons bl.


Further on this, the "my cousin was on my computer" excuse isn't good enough. Make a better pw to get him off your computer bruv and note that you are responsible for who accesses your account.


I'll reduce it to 2 weeks.

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