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Dr Dingus' Ban Appeal

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Your SteamID (STEAM_0:1:178729662):


In-game name: Dr Dingus


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 24/07/2021 13:18:53 (1:18 PM)


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Bunned


Further details:

Basically, my mafia org had their own base with very clear redlines, KOS signs and mob turf signs stating that other mob is KOS as well as open carry, cops ect. I killed someone who was a gangster when they were past our redline, which was on our owned property. He then came back within a minute, I considered this to be not abiding to NLR and killed him again when he was past our redline. I did not realise that apparently KOS doesn't apply to other gangsters, even if they're not in the organization I am not allowed to KOS them. I understand the rule now, but I believe that it's understandable how someone wouldn't think that is a rule, when you have a KOS sign, no matter who passes it.


Any evidence you can provide:

I don't think there is much evidence I can provide. I did, I believe place the KOS signs behind the redline, and our organization (Morningstar Family) uses a dupe to build our base, which has the mob turf signs at entrances to the residential section and the rest of the base with redlines. I really just didn't know it was a rule when they broke NLR to come back straight away, and walk into a KOS sign twice, could almost be in some way, considered baiting for it.


Have you become familiar with the rules?:

I am disappointed that I got this ban out of my lack of knowledge. To prevent this occurring again, I have read the rules carefully and diligently multiple more times, in case there are any more rules that aren't blatantly obvious.


I really appreciate whoever spends the time to read and consider my appeal, thank you and have a good day. I understand It's a relatively short ban, and I have already almost been through half of it, but I felt I should make an appeal, even to clear it up and get another opinion. Thanks

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Hi Dr Dingus,


In your details section you explain that you accept what you have done wrong. We don't unban because you were unsure of the rule at the time. I happy to see that you will read the rules due to your lack of knowledge of the rules and I also thank you for that. Punishments have to be handed out to people who have broken the rules. I am excited to see the different person you are when you return after taking the time to familiarise yourself with the rules.



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