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Ban Appeal

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Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53447872


In game name: Johnny Pants


Time of ban, date of ban and staff member who put ban into effect: unknown as it took place on the previous server a while ago I personally don't know any way to find this information.


Further details: As far as I am aware the ban only applies to PD jobs.


Any evidence you can provide: None.


Have you become familiar with the rules: Yes I have.

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  • Leadership Team

Nothing from the previous server was transferred into the new one, in fact it’s on a whole new machine so there is no way anything from “Iconic” was transferred.


Your SteamID will be checked out shortly.

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Hello after reviewing what has happened I believe you are mistaking your PD rank.

PD ranks have been wiped you need to regain your ranks again the wipe happened when server changed over

So you will need to join PD discord and regain your PD rank then you will be-able to play those Job's again

but for now you will be stuck to officer.

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