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Ban Appeal

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In-game name:Looneygoon1 or Looneygoon


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 19/07/2021 AEDT around 6PM or 7PM sorry for not exact Time but it was around there


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Sorry didn't get the name


Further details: Hi yesterday i was banned for RDM and yes i did RDM i was a hitman and i was doing some hits on a couple of police officers and i was constantly murdered witch is understandable and i was already mad (which i know is not an excuse) but frustrated i just shot everyone with a hit and anyone that would shoot back and i would like to apologise for the people that i shot and possible made loose weapons and i was also new to the sever but as well with Garry's mod thank very much for reading my appeal and i just want to play with my friends well have a good day.



Any evidence you can provide: I have Friends online as i was banned


Have you become familiar with the rules?:Not Really as i said im new to the sever and to Garrys mod as well

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Hey mate,


I understand emotions getting high when you're trying to carry out hits and are being killed whilst doing so. However there are correct and incorrect ways of dealing with this. Attempting to shoot and killing over 5 people is considered mass RDM to us, and the fact that you left after doing so escalates the punishment that i handed out to you.


I also get that you want to play with your friends, and maybe take this time off of our server to get used to other DarkRP servers, learn the general rules of the gamemode, and rejoin when the ban is up.

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