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BANNED and very confused..


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Philomen Giaccone


17/07/21 20:39:35




i honestly dont even know what happend. i get on with a random warning from tori at 1:39. then i spoke to a admin and they said i got a 1day ban at 8:40am, i wasnt even on at that time i was asleep and i wasnt even at my house i was at a sleepover and my computer was off. i just want to get unbanned and have fun to play with my friends! please pelase please


I have only been playing 3 days. and have still not got used to these rules.

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I explained this to you on the day. You had an active failRP warn and then asked a Police officer to come into your KOS zone. "Hay officer! come here." You said with a 2 handed out. You cant KOS a player you invite into a KOS zone unless they pull out a weapon and fire on you or you use /y to warn them. I had also told your Crips leader that you cant KOS anyone other than rival gangs or intruding/raiding police and you where there to hear it.


After the ban you and your friend came to me and asked me to explain. this is exactly how I explained it to you then. I apologise but as far as I can see it was a valid ban.


Best of Luck

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