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pip Ban Appeal

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Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into https://steamid.xyz/): 76561198125551756


In-game name: Phil Mahcrack


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 12:45 am GMT+13


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: bunned


Further details: I participated in a raid with two pro thieves that ended in a shootout with cops. After a review of footage with staff we found out I was not hired at the time of the shootout. As a new player of 2 days I was unaware you are unhired after death as I was previously hired by the thieves I was working with and as such during the shootout I was acting under the assumption that I was hired. I was issued a 1 week ban for MRDM due to not being hired when I killed the cops. I know I was in the wrong for not realising I was unhired but as a new player I don't think a 1 week ban is appropriate for such a simple mistake. The admin has showed me how to check if I was hired or not as I was unaware, going forward I will vigilantly check to make sure I am hired before conducting RP as a hireable character.


Updated: https://streamable.com/wkt4c1 This video shows the incident where my employer was desynced, you can clearly see the two pro thieves with me who I was basing and in discord with. One of them named Wizzi is called Tar Bourbon as his roleplayer name but due to desync reverted to his steam name, this in turn causing me to be unhired. At first I didn't realise desync was the reason I was unhired as I was new to the server and completely unaware of the numerous desync issues with max population but after inquiring with staff it seems that desync is a known issue that can cause multiple issues such as being unhired.


Any evidence you can provide: Nlcaesc Image provided clearly shows that bunned agreed if I hadn't realised I was unhired I would not have been punished at all.


Have you become familiar with the rules?: I now know that when I die I become unhired and that there is a UI indicator to see if I am hired or not. This means I will not make the same mistake I have in this rulebreaking.

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Hi pip, I remember this very clearly, the cops had come up on you and had started shooting at the pro thieves you were apparently hired by. You showed me a video of the whole thing and at the time of the amount of cops you killed, you were not hired by anyone. So you were protecting the pro thieves, while not hired by them. This means you killed all those cops protecting someone you were not hired by. This is why me and River Smith decided to issue a MRDM ban. I can see the mistake of not being rehired by the pro thieves but this is something you need to be cautious about because it can lead to things like this.



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I think it is unfair to say I should have been cautious given my lack of awareness around the fact that dying unhires you and also not knowing the Hire indicator in the UI. Giving me a 1 week ban is extremely harsh without any warning especially considering I donate and support the server and I instantly complied with the sit and provided full video proof. Logs will also prove I was based with the two thieves throughout the entire day. I would love if a senior staff member could judge my report using context instead of following a strict protocol that doesn't allow for any contextually based judgement.
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