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Ban Appeal


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Your SteamID - STEAM_0:0:194894114


In-game name - Riley


Time and date of the ban - 16/7/2021 8:20


Name of the Staff Member that banned you - I don't know


Further details - I didn't know what to do so my friend who has played before said I can just run around punching people and he said that is what he always does


Any evidence you can provide:


Have you become familiar with the rules? - I have not become familiar with the rules because I am new to DarkRP

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Not a good enough excuse, when you join the server a MOTD appears

showing the forums. and the website is at the top right screen

if you were able to make a ban appeal you were able to read the rules

So regardless if you are new or not you read the rule's before playing

as they are displayed for you.

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