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Bong Rat's Warn Apeal

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hello thankyou for considering




in game name: Bong Rat


wrongfully warned at 7pm Aest


Warned by jack Stone


Further details: So I'm having a fun time playing assassin hanging out in the pd when I get warranted naturally I run into the stairway for some natural cover. While I'm sitting in the stairwell a swat officer runs in and up the stairs, I assume he's trying to arrest me so sniped him. In my eyes this is fair but for him he figured it was a rdm so he calls an admin and the admin says that unless he shoots or try's to taze me I can't kill him. so of course cop the warn and decide to run over the rules and lo and behold its not even in the rules! this is a blatant miscarriage of justice and needs to be fixed immediately if you want to retain the integrity of this server I am very familiar with the rules and have 0 other warns. If this is in the rules please feel free to show me where. Since this isn't in the rules if it supposed to be "implied" please remove the warn and add it afterwards.

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Hi Bong Rat,

In this situation, from what it shows, you were hiding under the stairwell in PD to hide from officers because you were a Fugitive/Wanted. You claim to have killed the officer because he was walking in your general direction, but in fact the officer had intended on going up stairs. As you should know, you cannot kill an officer who is walking near you if you are a fugitive, similar to how you cannot kill a thief who is just walking by your base, or kill an assassin/hitman who is walking along main street if you know you have a hit on you. The only reason you would have for killing that cop would be if he fired a gun/taser in your direction (That of which this officer didn't do.) I do understand your confusion as it is not stated clearly in the rules, but is, as said, implied. Unfortunately due to your total time on the server, the RDM warn would stay as that. We will take into account that there are some misguided rules and work to improve and fix them, reassuring players of what they can and can't do. Hope this helps, all the best.

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