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See ya DarkRP, you wont be missed but...


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Listen I love DarkRP especially the people on the server, most of you made me finally wanted and special but I can't do DarkRP


Sitting in a admin room for half my time on the server for some bullshit or an honest mistake or someone blantly breaking the rules and then the person getting ZERO punishment


I just wanna play some video games with my friends not be fucked around all day


I make ONE honest mistake and now my entire record is fucked and I have no chance of progressing on the server, I'm sick of being humble


Im one of the guys who actually goes out of his way to follow and do my best to enforce the rules


Im moving to militaryRP with really nice lenient admins and an amazing community of non-toxic people


I may hop on for an hour or two every now and again but no way I'm putting time and effort into grinding this server


DarkRP (though this is cringe) made me feel like I had real friends and people that might have cared about me but it also took that away from me


You can insult me all you want, call me soft, a loser, a neckbeard, a pussy I've heard it all before. It's not going to do anything


Thank you everyone for the most part for making me feel wanted



People who im definitely going to miss



Mr Balls




Jack Stone

Autumn Briggs

Tony Pepperoni






I probably missed alot but you guys know you are



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Sad to see you go, Revis.. I hope you find what you're looking for and I'm sorry you couldn't find the right experience here. You were a great roleplayer and I wish the best for you on MilitaryRP. Take care brother and wishing you a very good luck for your upcoming ventures! <3
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