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Goodbye, Friends

Darth Picwahser

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As you may have noticed over the past few months, i have not been on the server that much. And even though you may have seen me on it wasn't for that long. I have become bored with gmod... why you may ask? I bought an Oculus Quest 2 at the beginning of this year, I have been addicted to Vrchat and Gorilla Tag for the duration of having VR. I have decided to leave orbitalRP for the foreseeable future.


School is really starting to ramp up, now that I am in grade 9. And for some people like GoingPizza, he knows what my school is like when it comes to school and homework.


You may see me on occasionally, but not to worry... ill still communicate on the forums and discord.


As I said this is for the foreseeable future... I may one day return, but not for a while.


It has been fun... I know many of the players on the server and here is a list I'd like to thank.


- Karim Sheaks (you have been a great friend to me since supremacy, I hope to one day meet again in this game or another.)

- Bux (You have been another great friend of mine since supremacy, I hope to see you become an even better player on the server.)

- TerraZ (you have stayed patient with me since the beginning, you are a great staff member.)

- James Simos (thank you for making me download a shit ton of megabytes to join your server that died a second after it was created.)

- Garry Nice (thank you for being a god)

- Quinny (even though you may not read this, you were my favourite admin on Supremacy)

- Rosette (Small)


Thank you all for a great time, and if you are not listed above, just remember I love you all.


May the players be with you all!

- Darth (Mr Picwahser)

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Sad to see you go, Picwahser! Glad meeting you through Supremacy and remain friends till now. Good luck with your future and don't hesitate to come now and then on Discord and chat with us <3 Have a safe journey, love you broski
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