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DarkRP Update 04/08/23


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  • Leadership Team


  • Map bug fixes & Minor Update
  • Added Horse Races to Casino

[HEADING=2]Content Updates[/HEADING]

  • Overhauled NPC Above Head UI
  • Added New Vaults, They will be in Bank, PD & Casino
  • Added Casino Manager Job
  • Added Cocaine, Mob Boss, Bloods Leaders & Crips Leaders can make it... Gang wars?
  • Added Gun Shelves for Gun Dealer/BMD
  • Added Easy Precision Tool
  • Added Soccerball for events
  • Added Bodygroup menu for PD jobs, type /bg
  • Added PD Cell Toilets that can give you items
  • Rat Infection cooldown is now 1 Minute


  • Removed Chef Cook
  • Removed Moonshine

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