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Disguises cause sits and confusion within new players


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What category does this suggestion apply to? (Discord, Forums, Other):


GMod In-Game


Details/Information about your suggestion:


The disguises should only be given to only detectives, with everyone having access to disguises, it confuses and can be a unfair advantage and cause confusion to new players.


How do you think this will benefit the community?:


I believe that this will benefit the community by reducing sits so that staff are not taking useless ones which end up: "he is actually a thief, hes just using a disguise"




ligma, what the hell does links mean.

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This completely removes the purpose of an assassin, if this were to be removed all you would be getting would be a different player model and a new gun. I would say, do not remove the ability to disguise in the f4 menu for the specific jobs but remove the disguise kits. If this is not a good idea, it would be an awesome idea if you had a notification saying you had been killed by a disguised player. E.g You were killed by a disguised Detective. Something like that would benefit the game a lot more for new players. Almost 100% of the time, if they were shooting someone and were shot by a random citizen (but turns out they were disguised) would accuse them of RDM and end up making a staff request. I do feel strongly about the idea i just mentioned and would make it in to my own suggestion if I needed too.



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