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Maigcal tubes from sitrooms to spawn


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The sitrooms and teleporting players can take a while, and often a lot of us would like to be back at spawn anyway. There has been folly, several times in my experience where I get sent to a previous sitroom I was in. A lot of these issues could be solved, also saving admins a lot of work typing commands.


At the end of a sit an admin could trigger the opening of a door into some kind of tube, a fun slide of sorts which players flow through until they fall back into spawn. It would not be an easy change to the map but surely possible. This would make the end of a sit an easy thing for admins and make them much faster.


Players should still be able to be sent back to where they were, if the admin can be bothered when the player is worthy, as is already done.


Also, this idea involves tubes, and everybody loves a good tube.

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