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Mayor's Laptop!


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I rather like what has happened with the mayor, and having the computer and all that it does. However, it does make the mayor a bit of a hermit character away from the community. I actually just made a base for mayor, to be in public but also be safe. It would be good if the work could be taken with him/her so that the mayor can be out while there are lotteries, tax changes, gun licences, and all of that stuff.


What I propose is that there is a mayors laptop available for server money, and I think quite a bit of it. Based on that it takes me about an hour as a max level trashman to make $100k, grinding away, the mayors laptop should be about $150,000. It should also be an item with value that can be stolen and raided for.


In the case that the mayor's laptop is stolen it would be good if it provided not just an advantage for theives, but also a disincentive for police when it is in the wrong hands (no pay, perhaps?). This would give the police reasons to protect the mayor out on the go and the cherished laptop.


I think this would fix all of the problems since the inception of the mayor having a PC, that keep the mayor away and detract heavily from roleplaying. Better still, this could add a new thing to be raided for on the game.


It could also mean that insurgents controlling the laptop can change laws and such themselves, until the police manage to get it back.

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