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current and former staff.


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Root Ricky

Root Glitch

Root Ratty.


Community Manager Garry Newman


Head Administrator Mike Unstore


Enforcer ryl

Enforcer The Cock Johnson


Senior Administrator Andrew Vape

Senior Administrator Cunt


Administrator Brad

Administrator John Kevin

Administrator DJBurek

Administrator Duckers


Senior Moderator catmealz

Senior Moderator Jenin Tanimoto

Senior Moderator scrimp


Moderator John Jelly Johnson

Moderator Ricky Bumpersech


Forum Administrator Joe Pesci


Forum Moderator Vodka "Birb" Lara


Former Senior Moderator Devo

Former Senior Administrator Froakie

Former retard Mythic Gears

Former Moderator Rob Kelly

Former Moderator Dan Andrews

Former Forum Moderator Bunned

Former Forum Moderator Ivan Milat

Former Helper Arcane

Former Moderator Andrew

Former Senior Administrator FrostyBoi

Former Senior Administrator Greggy

Former Senior Administrator UnboltedGlobe

Former Senior Moderator Beerie

Former Root Keenu

Former Community Manager Lui

Former Staff Manager Roberto

Former Administrator Vexi

Former Senior Moderator Monkeyplays17

Former Senior Moderator Blue Snow

Former Administrator Wilhelm Von Zuen

Former Administrator pangwan(penguinhatplz)

Former Senior Administrator Jack Stone

Former Moderator Lil Kitty

Former Senior Moderator Jeffery Akbar

Former Senior Moderator Davy

Former Senior Moderator Steven Thomas

Former Moderator My Creative Username

Former Administrator Ragnar

Former Senior Moderator Adam Lui

Former Moderator Boss Man

Former Helper Andrew Tate

Former Senior Administrator Don Cheadle

Former Senior Moderator Imhaydz

Former Moderator Greggy

Former Head Administrator Fisckii

Former Moderator GazzaMate59

Former Forum Moderator arily/a really dumb person

Former Moderator Mexi

Former Administrator Tori

Former Administrator Dallas Steel

Former Senior Moderator Tony Pepperoni

Former Helper TAW

Former Enforcer Howard Rice

Former Community Manager Tuppy <strong>❤️</strong>

Former Enforcer Sinister

Former Moderator James Simos

Former Moderator ZomZie

Former Senior Moderator Zoe

Former Administrator Homer Floppycocks

Former Head Administrator Autumn Briggs <strong>❤️</strong>

Former Moderator Ruby Bartosh

Former Senior Moderator Mr Osama

Former Helper Mirt

Former Senior Moderator Shant Shanocki

Former Administrator Wallaby

Former Administrator Fetus Milkshake

Former Staff Manager Gladys Berejiklian

Former Moderator Walterburg

Former Moderator Derk

Former Moderator Gecko

Former Community Manager TerrA <strong>❤️</strong>

Former Community Manager Combat Wombat <strong>❤️</strong>

Former Head Administrator mersman <strong>❤️</strong>

Former Staff Manager pharam <strong>🐔</strong>

Former Staff Manager Arpo <strong>😔</strong>

Former Forum Administrator cowboy

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