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ban apeal

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Your SteamID Steam ID: 76561199117990923


In-game name: Stoned Loki


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 09/07/21


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Idk


Further details: I didntreally expect to just be banned like that


Any evidence you can provide: I have no ideaGarrysMod9_07_20218_07_30PM.thumb.png.fdb26b87869f3250fcdd5204daec360c.pngHave you become familiar with the rules?: yes

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Due to your appalling attitude towards the community and how since you aren't the centre of the server and it isn't a utopia for you then everything sucks, therefore we took the liberty of removing you from the server per your request!


Consider yourself liberated from your poisonous view of the server


Edited by Pedro
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