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unfair blacklisted


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Your in game name:Jayce


Time of incident:Not sure probably 12pm


Staff member(s) you are reporting: Jack


Details of the incident: First time Rdm did not know i had to /yell take someone off my base rules did not help as it was blank for me he warned me and blacklisted me for no reason


Any evidence (If Any):dont have sorry im not against the admin just want to be un blacklisted please and thank you

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Hi Jayce,

In this situation you were killing hobos outside your base and did not /y to leave or any warning as such. You cannot give roleplay commands through Voice-Chat, which I suspected you should have known, given the 18 hours and counting game time. The Incident where you RDM'd was reduced to 12h Blacklist anyway, since I felt you should not have received the 3 days Ban, even though you killed 3 hobos. Please familiarise yourself with the rules by typing <!rules> In chat, or by visiting the rules in our forums here.

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