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tukae warn appeal


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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:89646807


In-game name(s):


-solo (during this warn)


Time and date of warn (Use timezone): 21/03, ~4:45pm


Name of the Staff Member that warned you: DJBurek


Further details:

Ashton is a hobo main. I was talking to Mike hunty and trstan tate (those names are spelt exactly that way) near the orbital hotel where trstan was basing. We were outside, and then Ashton hobo came near us, backed up to the footpath near the chess tables, and threw bug bait at us. trstan walked over to Ashton first during our conversation, and began punching him, before Ashton turned directions, faced me, and threw bug bait at me while getting hit. Mike hunty was NOT getting hit, therefore, I'm unsure but I guess he was just annoyed because he ran over to Ashton and began punching him too. While they were both punching him, I came towards Ashton and hit him with my crowbar. ONCE. AND THAT WAS THE FINAL BLOW!!!!?!?!? How was I meant to know that was going to KILL him as in that was the lethal blow. So my final one blow (Ogets counted as RDM while the other two get ARDM warns.


trstan tate agreed to take my warn as he recognises that he dealt more damage, my one hit should not have given me the RDM warning, especially if he was the one attacking Ashton hobo the most. Please message him at Taliban turkey#0895 for his confirmation or you may message him in-game tomorrow 4:30pm.


Any evidence you can provide:

Ashton hobo claimed to have clips throughout and before our admin sit to try and threaten me but when asked to show them, knowing they would be in my favour, they/them 'weren't recording'. I got two RDM warns because of Ashton --> 12H WP BL

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Even tho you hit Ashton once you still killed Ashton without telling him to stop using /y, which justified the reason you received a RDM warn, while the other two players who were warned received ARDM as they did not kill Ashton. As I said in the sit, bugbait does not give you a reason to kill a Ashton, as it doesn't damage you, unless you use /y "stop what you're doing." as an example. I don't believe that another player should take your warn as they did not kill Ashton. As for the clip nobody mentioned a clip to me during the sit, and if it was my bad I didn't hear. But even with a clip I could still check everything through logs which I did. Anyways, I feel confident on my judgement for the warn you received.
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Considering you both have the same story of what happened, I don't feel like watching a clip would be necessary.


Unfortunately, you still hit the victim with a crowbar without issuing a /y warning, and regardless of whether your intentions were to kill, you still broke a rule. I'd simply suggest that next time, you issue a warning before doing damage and keeping in mind that if you were witnessing a player being constantly punched, they may be low on health.


The warning will remain.

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