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SKRONIK Warn Appeal

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few days ago got pulled into a sit with Pharam cause I was moving people ,who had been tazed by police, with my grav gun. he asked me if i was doing that I replied with saying something about how I thought it wasn't punishable or something, but I didn't denied it. then he say that preventing police from making an arrest that I have nothing to do with is punishable. to that I responded. "I was helping them with the arrest by moving them closer to the jail cells" or something along those lines, I was fucking around. then Pharam say "this was going to be a verbal warning but now I'm going to make a actual warning cause u were lying. I jokingly made a pistake attempt at a loophole and exploiting the wording of a rule. I did not lie about what i was doing at all. I don't usually care about warns but ill be dammed if on a record it has me as a liar when I did not lie. the irony is that Pharam lied about me lying. when all I did was be a bit cheeky. only submit this now cause I don't know how forums work.
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