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Charlie Hampshire Application Request


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PipSa#8679 (Discord)


Ingame Time: refer to Screenshot

Warnings: refer to Screenshot


3 BL: One Weapon Ban 3 hours, 12 hour ban racism , 12 hour weapon ban


Why should I deserve Trusted/How can I help the community with it?

I've been on the community for quite long time (almost entering 2 years golly!), it is one of the only RP servers I enjoy and it has a genuine community of mad lads that make it the chaotic fun that is Orbital, I want people to experience that same joy when they play this game mode and ensure everyone is having a fantsatic time. I am not well known in a sense popular, but being a long time member I have watched this community grow and I am generally on good terms with everyone.


My warning record is far from perfect, I sometimes get quite manic and chaotic, and unlike many other members I don't know how to do most 'big; roles (like drug makers, nightclub owner, alcohol distiller, miner etc) or do any buildings or really anything on that 'big' scale. What I CAN offer though is support to more of the 'lowkey players' or players who undertake more simple roleplay roles (like gangs, thief, PD, Trash collector, hobo etc) and just general roleplay things that are standard for DarkRP like basics of raiding, basing, relationships, and server customs/rules. Again I am not perfect but learning from my past mistakes I will try to help other players not make those mistakes ingame.


Are you familiar with rules and guidelines?

Yes, and from countless warnings I have come to understand the rules VERY well.


Do you agree the rank can be stripped completely if misused?

Of course, that is the whole point of being trusted, you are a "ideal" player. Mistakes can happen time to time sure, but if a Trusted player makes these mistakes constantly without ammendment, it shows they are not living to the standard of there rank nor really care for it.


Do you agree to not abuse any powers that are given to you with this rank?

Absolutely, and to put it simply doing it just ruins the fun for the community and myself which defeats the complete purpose of darkRP.













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