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what do you think the best way to make cash rn


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Yeah, mining is by far the best way to make money at the moment. 72 gold ingots can be worth up to 500k - 600k and you get that much in about 30 minutes. But before you make a lot of money you will be needing to grind, I recommend just mining coal until you are level 2 and then start mining Silver and just stick with that till your level 3 or 4.
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Definitely Agreeing with mining being the best here, recently just tried mining because of all the talk around it, once I got past the early pickaxe levels (0-2) I was making huge amounts of money in a short amount of time. I earned around 600k this morning in 30 minutes because of a 50% profit dealer. Highly recommend mining to any new players looking to make money.
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