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Ban Appeal - Benchwarmer Mcgee

90 Cranker

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Your SteamID:



In-game name:

Benchwarmer Mcgee


Time and date of ban (Use timezone):

27/01/2023 18:25 Eastern Australian Time


Name of the Staff Member that banned you:



Further details:

I was falsely banned yesterday for ''DOXING''. I appealed it today, and upon further review I was unbanned. Then about an hour or so later I was rebanned again for ''DOXING''. Again, I have no idea what for. Was it something automatic from yesterday's accidental ban?

Here is a link to my previous ban appeal which was approved. https://forums.orbitalservers.gg/threads/ban-appeal.2757/


Any evidence you can provide:

None, but there's definitely no evidence that I did such a thing.


Have you become familiar with the rules?:

Yes, I'm familiar with the rules and have put quite a bit of time into the server.

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