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6 day ban

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Your In-game Name: Lean Bobaguard Your SteamID: 76561199027985732 (I think) Details about this incident: I was banned for a week as I went to spawn and made loud sounds by dragging a prop on the ground for 5 seconds before a mod tp'd me, I waited about 10 min then Jack Stone banned me for a week Time of incident (Including timezone): Sunday 22/1/23, time: around 3 in the afternoon AEST time
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Evening Lean,

Unfortunately I do not have an amazing memory and am uncertain of what went down 4 days ago. I have had to deal with many other prop abuses this past week and so I cannot pin exactly what you did. What you have put in your appeal does not ring any bells or provide much detail on what happened and thus I cannot backup exactly why I gave this punishment.


Uncertainty of punishment overall

Based off of what you have said I am certain that I would not have given you a 1 week ban for "dragging a prop around for 5 seconds" and so either you are uncertain of what happened and have underemphasized what actually took place, or I may have somehow made a big mistake and in the heat of the moment given you a punishment that was outdated (I just recently came back to staffing from over a year and although I have read and tried to keep up to date with the punishments, I may have accidentally defaulted to what the punishment used to be).


Past Warns

Looking at your past warns, I would have quickly seen that the same day you received this ban, you had also received 2 other punishments, one of them including LTAP showing your lack of care for the rules.

Exactly 1 week prior, you also received 3 other warns, one of which was another prop block and the other a Mass RDM.. both harsh offences.


What I think happened

The only recent prop abuse I can remember dealing with was a guy prop blocked spawn and 10 other players, starting a load of havoc suddenly and bringing in a fair few tickets.


After taking a look at your past warns, I would have come to the conclusion that you joined a week ago, did not care for the rules at all, got a ban from your Propblock (Moderate), left the server for a week, remembered the server existed or got bored, then joined back and again, had no intension to roleplay or follow rules, continuing to prop abuse.


If what I have said above is accurate, then I believe a punishment such as the one I gave would be fairly justified, although perhaps not as harsh (linking back to heat of the moment potentially).


If not, then I am sincerely sorry and apologise for issuing the ban and will seek to get it replaced with just a prop blacklist warn (and the ban removed).





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As Jack Stone has mentioned, the punishment for this scenario may have been different from when he was a staff member a year ago. With this being said, you still admitted to abusing props so the punishment would be necessary for this.


With the limited evidence provided for this scenario, the punishment will be reduced and you will be allowed back on the server from this point forward.

A rewritten warning will remain, however, you will be unbanned.

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