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PD Commissioner Application


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SteamID: STEAM_0:0:53181800


Age: 23


Discord User#: Bradley#5591New.thumb.png.03c78f3a70bf4ea6e5c62fc71dedd278.png


What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot) Please see Attached.

How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):Please see Attached.

How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):Please see Attached.warns.thumb.png.de9bae4a349103fb5f985eb78d4d4c06.png


What is your current Police rank?: (2iC) Senior Sergeant


What is your current SWAT rank?: Private First Class


What is your current Detective rank?: Detective


What are your other ranks? (Sniper, Medic, etc.): Sniper (Private), Private First Class on Medic


Why do you believe that you should be a Commissioner/Commander/Dt-CO?:

I believe I should become a commissioner due to my constant activity on the PD discord and within the server, I've spent most of my time on the server as a police officer so I am fluent in the rules, expectations and guidelines of the PD. As a probational trainer I often find myself in a position where no command members are available to mark and promote any probationals I train this often creates a lot of time in between training and promotion for aforementioned probationals. Being a 2IC I have insight into the responsibilities and priorities of a command member. Clearly the way for me to proceed as apart of the PD, I've spent a lot of time talking to Commissioners and Commanders and have a firm understanding of the expectations that will be given to me upon becoming apart of the Command team.

I believe I fit the qualities to become Commissioner.

I do Understand all the responsibilities that come with be Commissioner.


Explain what you would be giving to the community, once received this role:

Ready to keep the streets of Orbital Clean from crime.

Also to help new police officers learn the rules, Ready to Mentor New Police officers.

If I receive this role I will show exceptional leadership skills and give the PD a person to look up to.

I will hold regular Patrols and trainings to get the most out of being commissioner.

I love to play as police and I hope I will create an good impression on all new and old PD Officers.

I also enjoy participating in building and hosting events as I believe events are one of the most important parts of the PD due to it's ability to effectively gauge the skills of the PD and reward those who excel in the given scenario. I can be expected to give feedback on suggestions that would work well for the PD and that is fair for general role players. Having the role of commissioner will allow new constables to come to me for advice on a situation, law, rule or expectation easily as they can see my role and stance within the police department.


What are some qualities that make you stand out from other Police Officers?

Problem Solving skills.

Communications skills.

Ready to Devotion more hours then I already do to the community of Orbital.

Great Teamwork - Helping new Police learn the Rules as a Officer.

Knowledge of the Law - Already getting asked rules about being a police officer.

Patience and tolerance with Police member. - Teaching Probational Officers to learn the server rules as a police officer and train them to be a constable officer.

Effective - Listening and will also provide feedback.


Vision – Are able to assess current strengths and weaknesses of fellow Police officers.

Accountability – Spend time celebrating other’s success and looking for ways to improve performance than in offering criticism.

Team Orientation – Building teams, enable team members to grow and develop knowledge.

Being a 2IC shows that I have knowledge on the expectations of Commissioner and am capable of the responsibilities that will be given. I am average on my building skills and I think I could make events that are enjoyable and straight forward. On the occasion I am unable to be active within the server I still make an effort to be active in the discord by training, answering questions, giving feedback on suggestions and just spending time with my fellow PD members. As for in game role playing I'm chill and help my fellow police officers by answering questions or informing them of rules / laws of the PD, . My leadership skills can also be called into account I work well with a team, and with my experiences in raids I can be expected to excel in situations that require a team effort.


Additional Comments:

Ready to Create fun and new Events for the community have co-hosted some events already with Andrew,

I feel that a lot of Commissioners miss a lot of good times to host events and I hope I can fill the spot the other commissioners miss.

Please See my dedication of hours of arrests by being 3rd and will be second soon on the arrests leader board.

Thank you for taking the Time to read this You're PD 2Ic Brad.


Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given?: Yes


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?: Yes


Do you agree to follow the Commissioner & Commander expectations once given?: Yes


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Hello Brad, it is going to be a -1 from me, sorry.


The main reason for my decision is due to the application not being detailed enough and just doesn't give enough of a reason for why you should be a commissioner.


Your playtime is okay, but your warning is far too recent and you take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules once more. I'd recommend trying to go a month without warnings before reapplying in the future.


My last concern is that your activity on both the discord and the forum is very lacking. You should spend more time interacting with the community on other socials besides in-game as it will help people get to know you and also help you recieve +1's in the future.


Good luck,

Mason Evergreen

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Your application contains almost any information as to why we should consider you for Commissioner, I suggest to take a look at some previous applications that have been accepted so you can see what type of effort we like to see put into these applications.


I see you've been active in game on cop, keep this up and fix your application and I'm sure people would be willing to change their responses.


I am very very happy with your changes to your application, whilst you've done some questionable things for the most part you've been trying to follow the rules and have been taking criticism quite well and are working that into your application, you're respectful to others ingame and again, very active on cop and I believe you'd be an excellent addition to PD.


Good luck man


- Osama

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Hey Brad


I have seen you in game and think you are a great member of PD and just a great guy to talk to in general. You are very friendly and I don't often see you doing anything wrong or making mistakes if that be within PD or server rules in general.

I don't believe you are very known within the community but that's okay because if you stay active then this will change within a few weeks.


Your application is a little short on information but due to me knowing more of you then most people here I can confidently say I can see you as a commissioner. You turn up to events all the time which is a great indicator of your dedication and everytime I get on I see you pushing to train probational's and setting up checkpoints. etc.


You have some warns that are some what recent but I am willing to overlook that as they were probably mistakes, I can't see you breaking rules on purpose.


I don't know if this will get accepted or not but either way, here are some things you can improve on to not only be better known within the community but how people view you as a person.




- Increase discord and forum activity.

- Keep up with the PD dedication (e.g. trainings, checkpoints, aos signs, all that good stuff)

- Stay active.


Edit: You still have a lot to learn when it comes to PD rules and roleplay but I think with time and the more situational events that happen whilst you play as PD, the more you will learn. + you update your app so now I retract my statement on your app being short on info

Edited by Nick
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I've seen a bit of you in-game and I have to say you are pretty well fit for the role of Commissioner. Your application is very detailed and you are an alright guy to talk to. You're very ambitious and take great initiative in getting to this role. I wish you the best in the future and hope you receive the role.

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Brad is a very active PD member and a very good member overall, the first reply is kinda silly since the app is detailed (unless it got edited?), but regardless, i believe you're completely worthy of being this role, and even with only 6d playtime, you've managed to completely out yourself in the community and I'm very familiar with you

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