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John Kevins staff Application

John Kevin

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Steam Community Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199021286202/


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:530510237


Discord User#: JCR#6891


RP Name: John Kevin


Age: 17 nearly 18


Country/Time Zone:


Do you have a working Microphone?:


Yes (Blue snow ball ice).


What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot):


How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):



How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):




Do you have any previous or current staff experience? (Provide examples):


I have not had any prior experience staffing but there's always a first so i'am ready to learn the ways of staff and moderate the server to the best of my ability.



Why do you believe that you deserve this staffing position?:


I believe i deserve this position because i am a long time player of darkrp and this server playing well before the economy wipe on the old map, i also obtain a acquit knowledge of how to build using precision and precision alignment also having in my opinion one of the best wire mod skills out of the player base, helping out players with there dupes if they get stuck on something and also mainly built and co hosted a boxing event that happened recently which was a success, i believe i could extend this knowledge to knew players more so through being staff as i would be someone that people would come to for help as oppose of being a trusted member, i also have a well versed knowledge of the rules and will enforce them to my upmost. a main reason i want to join the team is because i get in situations like being on late at night (10am onward) where staff a scarcely online and the amount of minges go up and the amount of rules broken follows to the point of mass prop-blocking and mrdm and normally having to wait for a ticket on discord for a staff member to respond which can take 30 minutes upwards at times and having the ability to take actions during this would be great.


Explain your ability to work as a team (Using examples):


As noted above i have worked with members of the staff team like Fetus Milkshake to create a dupe and co-host a event which took multiple days of working with each other to put it all together. having to play darkrp for multiple years i have learned to work together with other players building / basing which requires co-operation to achieve success. IRL working in the retail and construction industry's has also built up a lot of team work skills that i could put forward into this role to work beside my fellow staff members which i believe to be essential in moderating a successful server.


What qualities will you bring to the staff team?:


To my knowledge there are not many skilful WireMod builders within the staff team which i said before can help out new users or anyone in-need of a hand learning the complex system and can also be used to create large scale events that require WireMod that would might bring up engagement within the community. i am also honest and take out the same punishments no matter the person as being biased towards players you know is unfair to the rest of the player base and it misusing my perms . Not really a defining feature by one i possess is the ability to stay calm during tense situations and not let anything ruin my judgment and provide a equal experience for everyone.in my opinion knowing when someone is having a laugh or not is a essential skill to have when moderating a server as being to serious can put people off from playing on this server and not allow players to have a fun experience and return and having a staff to player relationship is needed for them to trust us to enforce the rules to there expectations which i believe i have the skill to do.


Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given to moderate the server?:


I agree not to abuse or misuse the powers that i hold.


Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?:


I agree and know the full extent of what will happen if misused.


Do you agree to follow the Staff Expectations once given?:


I will follow the staffs expectations and act as a role model towards new players.

Edited by John Kevin
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John Kevin is in my opinion one of the best members of the Orbital community. He has consistently shown dedication towards assisting others (including myself) with a wide variety of things and I would be completely and utterly stumped and stuck without his help. I am sure many different players could say the same about you. You have shown that you can be trusted with the staff role as you have a high playtime and only two warns. You are an old player as you have played on orbital for a long time and also a very active new player as I constantly see you online. You have over three weeks of playtime which is insanely good. Your forum activity is good and so is your discord activity.


You made all the wire for that boxing event I hosted and carried it hard. I believe that you would easily be able to create good events for the server on your own should you choose to make some and I am eager to see them for myself.

If there is currently a player on this server that deserves staff, it is John Kevin.


Good luck man.



Fetus Milkshake

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John Kevin's all in all a pretty nice dude who assists his fellow community members and even our own staff which shows the capability to solve issues as a staff member, knowing your way around wire mod is an impressive skill that is extremely useful. You've been on this server for a long while and with only two warns that is extremely impressive and shows you at the very least know your way around the rules. I'm sure that if you choose to make events they'll be utterly amazing and enjoyable for our player base and staff members alike!


Rooting for you.

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I don't play the server as much anymore, however, there are some things I need to cover. Before sending in your application, you decided to start making a lot of threads and replying to threads dating back as old as August. While you took the initiative to interact on the forums, this could have been done way sooner than last minute.


"To my knowledge there are not many skillful WireMod builders within the staff team" This is an interesting response for a "quality" you can bring to the staff team. While some users struggle with wire-mod that being one of the only qualities you provide to us is not a good look.


"i am also honest and take out the same punishments no matter the person." This sentence was brief, it's almost as if you had no clue what to write so you quickly wrote this and called it a day. With it being as brief as this, it doesn't tell us much about you.


Your application could have been made a lot better and provided a lot more detail. Basing off what I have read I cannot confidently give you a +1.

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This is probably one of the biggest +1's in human history, John has always been a good member of the community as he never breaks rules, and assists people in many ways if they need help, he has the patience to work with new users and explain to them how to play and be new user friendly.


I know for a fact that John would never abuse powers as a staff member and I know he would only bring a positive force to the staff team. His consistent activity on the server is also a great attribute as he will be on to take tickets like a mad man.


I really do hope John could join the staff team at Orbital as he is deserving of this position more than anyone else, Good Luck John!

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Starting off Looking through some stuff I do see you active on the sever but I don't necessary see you running around but you have only 2 warns with 3 weeks of playtime on the sever with is amazing, your staff application is well detailed for the most of it,

Not much to say since I don't really know you as much as I would like

Ruby Bartosh in and out

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John kevin is a awesome person he really has done a lot for the community such as building and sorting event for everyone. John is a very friendly person, I have had many interactions with you and all of them have been great. I am really hoping to see you on the staff team doing good! You also have 3 weeks on the server with only 2 warns which is very good. this shows you follow the rules and never break them.


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I have to agree somewhat with what cowboy said. Necroposting just seems like you're desperate to fulfill staff requirements and push your community presence as much as possible. With that being said, there are too many positives I could mention about you that heavily outweigh that one negative.


I always see you online (aside from the small break you had after Christmas), and you seem to be very well-known and highly respected within the community. I believe you have a good understanding of the rules and I have no doubt in your ability to follow and enforce them if you are successful. I believe you were also given admin mode yesterday when helping Fetus with an event dupe, and you made sure to stay in the event room at all times and respect the powers given to you.


I also appreciate that you took the time to fix up your application after cowboys reply as this shows me your dedication toward the role.

I think you'd be a great addition to the team and I wish you the best of luck!

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