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Warn Appeal - Mute

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Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into https://steamid.xyz/): STEAM_0:1:59767375


In-game name: Oak Corleone


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 9am WA time


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: @Greggy


Further details: In RP text I told a hobo 'to shoot this nigger' the guy was a thug so yes there player model is not white it was all in RP text no one took offence and then Greggy drags me to a sit just to use his power and mutes me for 12 hours! It says in the rules racism will be dealt with accordingly and I do not believe this should have been a 12 hour mute from chat and text for what I did, maybe it was raciest and you guys do not put up with it but it was all in RP text and was just me talking normally. But I am sorry and would like to be unmuted. I just felt like this was dealt with very extremely and was not needed to be a 12 hour mute as in the sit I was very sincere and was extremely sorry. If I was not sorry I would not be sat here wasting my time trying to get this appealed and unmuted. Cheers.


Any evidence you can provide: No.


Have you become familiar with the rules?: I have read over the rules and understand you do not take any sort of racism on the server which I have now learnt and shall not do it again. It was my first time being warned for it and it shall be my last time.


P.s I understand he is just a helper and is new to all of the big boy commands but sometimes giving people a massive punishment and not the benefit of the doubt is not the way to be... speaking from experience an ex P admin on another server.

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Racism is not tolerated on the server by any means. Not only that, you had left the sit which doubles your punishment. To avoid similar situations in the near future, please read the rules by doing !rules in-game. Wait out till your ban expires.

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