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Ban Appeal

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Your SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198144445031/


In-game name:Gily


Time and date of ban: 1:30AM


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Lui


Further details: Hopped on with some mates knew a girl called angel we've know her for ages she went to bowling with us once so we said hi then got a verbal warning about harassment so I then went on to play and a prostitute trying to sleep with cops then got the bug of always dieing from anal prolaps so I reconneted then went back to play as a sexworker then admin tped me again saying i was hasassmenting her when ive plyed like 7 mins on the server in total and then i went back to trying to sleep with cops then i got taken by keenu and talked with him then Lui tped me out of the sit and perma banned me when saying and i quote "i dont give a shit". i just want to be unbanned or just not perma


Any evidence you can provide:

not really


Have you become familiar with the rules?:

yea i didnt actually do anything

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