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Mike Hawk Ban Appeal

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Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into https://steamid.xyz/): STEAM_0:0:501255036


In-game name: Mike Hawk


Time and date of ban (Use timezone):


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Jack Stone


Further details: i was banned for a fucking month for 'spamming' a porn link and i was not spamming the porn link but i admit to putting it down and the thing is i was not told to remove it i was just banned on the spot no sit or nothing he just looked and banned me for spamming, personally i think i should be unbanned because its stupid how he didn't tell me to remove the text or warn me he just banned me for a month and i bought vip for a month and i really want to be unbanned or atleast lower the ban to a week atleast because i really like having vip

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