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zombie's trusted app


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Steam Community Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199121525530


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:580629901


Your in-game name: Zombie2021-07-05(2).thumb.png.fe88d258144c3ee6ff45d8b2cd113088.png


What is your gametime: ^^^^^^^^ above


How many warnings do you have?:




How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have?:2021-06-16(9).thumb.png.a495f9879f4795875edfb4fc6fe7f6f3.png


Why do you believe that you deserve Trusted?: well i believe that deserve Trusted because i what ppl to know me more in the community and i want to help ppl with things that they may not know: eg wiring or content building and all of that.


Explain how you can help the community with your Trusted rank?: well i want to stop RDM and prop spaming because is not good for ppl that just want to have fun and play.


Are you familiar with our rules and guidelines?: Yes


Do you agree that your rank will be stripped completely if misused?: Yes


Do you agree to not abuse any powers that are given to you with this rank?: Yes

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you are not active in discord/forums

You are active in game

You have not warns which is good

I would like to ask how you would stop rdm and prop spamming with trusted rank

You should become more active on discord/forums then I will be able to +1

good luck with the app!

, Unboltedglobe

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