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Intel V AMD  

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Hello all,

With me having to buy new PC parts because me laptop battery has failed after 80% of my fucking old PC components going "Aight ima head out" and fucking failing, I thought it would be appropriate to ask everyone their thoughts on what CPU Provider is better.


Personally it's AMD Ryzen because its the only one I'm familiar with so bias af, however me laptop was intel and had some nice boosting options.

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I spent the last 7 years with an Intel CPU before building an AMD-based system and although in some scenarios I miss Intels Integrated Graphics, I have to say that AMD has come a LONG way and I couldn't be happier with my Ryzen 9 5950x.


Even benchmark testing between my mates top-end Intel i9 and mine, AMD outperforms in a lot of area and the price isn't too bad for what it does (I think AMD is cheaper actually).

I used my onboard graphics for one of my monitors so it became useful until I pulled the finger out of my arse and actually went out to buy DisplayPort cables to support all my monitors since my GPUs only have 2 HDMIs

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