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Floppy Dick's Ban Appeal

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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:74198871


In-game name: Floppy Dick


Time and date of ban: 03/07/2021 around 9.30pm AEST


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Astro Deez

Further details: Essentially I broke FearRP, a SWAT team member was walking out of the bank and under my breath I said "what a cunt" or something of that nature, and they turned around and pulled a gun on me telling me to stand still so he could arrest me for Government DIss.

(not sure why they didn't use their tazer) I ran off because I thought the reason for arrest was dumb (that's my ignorance, I'll admit that I should've followed fearRP) I was just caught up in the moment and annoyed that he used fearRP instead of tazing me and used that opportunity to run off which lead to him shooting me down. Overall, I understand that most of the situation was my own fault and I should've abided to FearRP regardless of wether I thought the cop/swat was doing his job incorrectly or not. I believe that previous failRP warns also come into play into the fact that I got a 5 day ban, however I believe the 5 day ban is a bit excessive and here's why.


All of my previous FailRP warns occurred last week when I was still brand new to the server and hand't read the rules. Since then, I've given a thorough read-through of the rules and understand them a lot more cleary. In this particular situation, I had no intention of breaking rules, it was under my understanding that cops are only meant to use their guns when the offending person has a weapon and in all other instances should just use their tazer. Obviously it was a misjudgement from me for misinterpreting the rules. I still think a 5 day ban is excessive because as I've said, since the past fearRP warns, I have read the rules and have really been trying to follow them. I now know I shouldn't have broken FearRP in this instance but I don't think it necessitates a 5 day ban as it was only a minor instance of fearRP.


Any evidence you can provide:


Have you become familiar with the rules?: This warning has made me understand the rules revolving around fearRP more. In the future, if I think the FearRP is invalid, a better alternative would be to follow FearRP, wait to get arrested/killed/ or until the situation is over, and then call a staff member if I believe they were misusing fearRP.

I really love this server and I always try my hardest to follow the rules to create a better RP environment for everyone. I know I've broken rules, sometimes I'm forgetful of the rules and don't ever intend to minge or be a troll, it just happens and it's my fault. I do however believe, the instances where I have broken FailRP or FearRP haven't been major or disruptive to people's roleplay, and therefore believe a 5 day ban is unjust. Thank you for reading.

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