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Hamood's Ban Appeal


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Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into https://steamrep.com/): STEAMID64 : 76561198891464222


In-game name: Hamood Habbibi


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): 10:11 AEST 11/11/22 (Given by Wallaby)


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Wallaby


Further details: To start, I was being raided by Aiden and Tony Fennessy, Shortly after the start of the raid, I was killed. I waited five minutes and even put on a timer. As I had copped previous warns today, I was scrolling through the MOTD to see anything I don't already know so I do not get warned and possibly banned. I saw a rule saying "raiders can not stay in the base longer than a minute if it has no valuables." As I was not thinking, I went back to the door of my base to check out what was going on, because again my base did not have any valuables at all. As I went in, I realized that I was probably committing NLR and I made a ticket to wallaby asking "Can I go back to a raid 5 minutes afterI died?" shortly after I made that ticket, I left the front door of my base. Wallaby accepted my ticket and without a surprise, I saw Aiden there(Backstory: Aiden and Tony Fennessy don't like me at all and I have no reason why) Explain everything I explained here to Wallaby and I ended up with a Warning because I had a recent verbal (1 or 2 hours before this incident) and one from 9 months ago when I used to troll on the server a lot. I will not do it again and I now have learned from my mistakes.


Any evidence you can provide: Not really, not anything that helps my case.


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yes, now I am 100 percent sure I know the rules.

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Hamood you were given a 6 hour ban for breaking NLR after getting another warn a couple hours prior, You were un sure of the rules so instead of checking or making a admin ticket you went back to the base. From my point of view it is your fault for what happened so i do not think this appeal should be accepted as you had the option to check you chose not to. Edited by wallaby
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First of all, fail to provide evidence in your appeal, it is highly suggested you have evidence when making appeals otherwise you won't get anywhere.


The staff member in question states that you received a similar warning prior, due to this the punishment had been uped according to our guidelines, therefore, it is a justifiable punishment.


At the time I am writing this your ban has expired. You also received another warning from the exact same staff member a day later.


Your warning will remain.

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