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Devo's Warn Appeal


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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:111732169


In-game name: Devo


Time and date of ban (Use timezone):


Sunday July 4, around 4:30pm AEST


Name of the Staff Member that banned you:



Further details: I was spawn camping rats that had pulled their crowbars out after spawning. Some complained to staff that I was killing them for no reason which was false. First up was Lachie Jeff who was unfamiliar with the rules and told me I could not kill rats just because they had a crowbar out which I quickly disproved and he admitted to being wrong. Then came kit who claimed that spawn camping rats with weapons out was against the rules. When I asked him to specify which rules he told me he no longer wanted to argue. Kit mentioned that I had killed 3 rats that didn't have crowbars out and when I told him that it was crossfire he appeared to be satisfied as he did not warn me for RDM x3 which is serious and would warrant a warn. After I spoke to several players and other staff about the warn they did believe it was clearly controversial. Lui engaged in an argument with me in which he uncovered the 3 aforementioned kills on unarmed rats. When I asked him numerous times to specify the rule he was unable to do so as it did not exist. Lui then proceeded to change the rules as we were having our argument and claim that it was now a rule and my warn would stay. It is extremely unfair that staff members can and will just change the rules on the spot to make sure they're always right. I do not mind if the staff want to be correct all the time but when it is affecting someone who is trying their ass off to get to staff like myself its a real kick in balls and a massive fuck you and really turns people away from the staff team and the server in general. The warn also included an NLR warn for 1x NLR which I have no choice but to accept as I have no evidence to prove otherwise although as it is NLR x1 a verbal could work but that's not up to me to decide nor ask for. All evidence of my claims are posted below;


Any evidence you can provide:


The server rules as of a little over 1 hour prior to my warn (thank god for google cache)


The server rules as of 25 minutes AFTER my warning. (Note the edit timestamp below)




It is clearly morally and ethically wrong for admins to change the rules on the spot simply to come out on top and demonstrates a clear abuse of power and untrustworthiness.


Have you become familiar with the rules?:

I have become familiar with the rules

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