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Why don't banks get better cameras?


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I swear ive always heard of this question of why cant banks take a clear unblurry photo of a bank robber standing still but a rollercoaster ride can take a clear photo of people on a ride going 40kms/hr.



I have always heard this question but never heard an actual logical answer or maybe im just stupid

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Because one high res photo is easier to store (size wise), rather than multiple high res images (30fps at 1080p over hours is a massive raw file)

and also note how the rollercoasters get rid of them after like 30 m or something, you can't come back the next day and get the photo for example

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Adding on to the answers above:


Yes, storage is a big thing. You need like a week of footage to go back through at least in my honest opinion.


Roller coater cameras (using RCC from now on) probably have enough data storage for 1 day before being deleted. RCC's are completely different to bank cameras. The difference? RCC' take photos, not videos!


RCC's primarily use a method knowing as electronic shuttering to capture great looking photos at high speeds. DSLR was primarily used, but lately have been shifting to electronic shuttering methods, because DLSR lenses usually had to be replaced for every 100,000 (100k) photos it took.


Bank cameras are well, video cameras. Not every bank can afford MULTIPLE 60fps high MP cameras. Remember most banks need more than one. And these don't come cheap. RCC's usually regain their costs through photo souvenirs you can purchase after the ride (now that I think about it, maybe that's why they are so fucking expensive!).


Real question is, how the fuck are speed cameras constantly tracking my car's number plate at speeds of 100KPH+? That's the real fucking question you should be asking James!


Yes I am still salty I got a fine because they turned a 100KPH into a 80KPH and everyone was doing 90KPH. Fucking speed cameras are too OP, needs a nerf.

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