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permaban appeal.


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Your SteamID STEAM_0:0:98413377

Originally banned account SteamID: STEAM_0:0:214144814

In-game name: best c4 meta builder

Time and date of ban: 23/10/22 - 14:34 (my ban was later, as explained below.)

Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Console

Further details: the original SteamID provided goes to an friends account I had been on once specifically for Garry's mod for less than 3 minutes nearly a month ago, the account has not been in my loginusers.vdf for quite sometime and my friend was banned on Orbital for what to me is an unknown reason which resulted in my ban that happened at provided time, not much else from memory to note.

Any evidence you can provide: all provided via SteamIDs

Have you become familiar with the rules?: banned for something which seems completely out of my control and have near-to no involvement with, I'd say I already knew the rules.

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