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12 Hour BL appeal

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My reason for appeal is I simply didnt know this is a rule it doesnt state it anywhere in the !rules so how is this enforced.

Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into https://steamrep.com/):STEAM_0:1:561867320


In-game name: Logan Sandivar


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): Saturday 1 am ish BL from weapons for 12hours


Name of the Staff Member that banned you:Homer Cockyflops


Further details' was shooting the floor and was tazed by Revis he then missed the cuffs on me so I swapped to my weapon ran around chess shooting another cop following me

Revis had ran away at that point I lost sight of him for maybe 30 sec. After killing him I went after the person who tazed me and killed him as well as a cop that was standing in front of him.

I get called to an admin sit and get told that there is a 5 seconds limit to rp situation so its rdm and I was blacklisted. I have never seen that rule so I went back to !rules.

Could not find it in the rules list looked at pd handbook no mention of it either. talked to some people who also said they have never heard of that rule. Clarrifed with TerrA and he suggested I make this appeal so he could have more context.

My understanding is they initiated on me therefore I have the right to engage in combat.

Any evidence you can provide:

Link to the situation that occurred below.

Have you become familiar with the rules?:

As I said I clarified with Terra who said. You may kill someone that has previously walked into your base within 5 seconds. However, if you lose sight of that person, you are no longer allowed to KOS them.

that's the rule. Which I understand however if you have ever played as PD we always get shot no matter what.

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A few things are to be stated in this reply, starting off with the first sentence.


"so I swapped to my weapon ran around chess shooting another cop following me"


The officer in the clip you shared with us was not posing any threat toward you nor trying to arrest you. He said in the clip that if you could shoot his shield to see if it was bulletproof, from the way you have worded it, it was your intention to kill him no matter what.


You then hunted down the officer later in the clip, the officer clearly stopped chasing you and there was no reason for you to go back and kill him. He started doing other stuff on the server, not to also mention you killed another officer that he was talking to for no reason. Neither of the two at the end of the clip posed any threat to you nor did they care about hunting you down.


The punishment given by the staff member was completely justified.

Your warning and blacklist will remain.

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