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Weapon Blacklist Appeal


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Your SteamID STEAM_0:0:420463020


In-game name: RangaRat


Time and date of ban: 10/5/2022, Don't know how to get the exact time but around 4:30 PM AEST

Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Homer Skimdick


Further details: So my mate was getting raided and I went over and killed the guy that was raiding him. I was on doors via a org named "Peaky Blinders" or something like that. I didn't know you couldn't defend unless you were individually listed on the door. I deeply apologise for my actions and hope I can be forgiven. I plan to do a PD training later tonight so I hope you consider my apology.


Any evidence you can provide: 1664951755218.png.42464a8ad8b14f127f27527b47f68509.png

Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yes I am now informed on the rules about doors and defending.

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You have gotten in trouble for RDM prior hence why you got blacklisted this time. I would suggest that you read up on the rules to avoid any future instances where you may be harshly punished. The blacklist has expired. If you wish to appeal the warning, you may do so in another appeal, make sure to provide evidence in your appeals, otherwise you won't have anything to back you up.


Your warning will remain.

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