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DWIT Toby Ban Appeal


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Your SteamID (Paste your Steam Profile Link into




In-game name: DWIT Toby Time and date of ban (Use timezone):

28/9/2022 Sometime this afternoon AEST


Name of the Staff Member that banned you:

Sinister but OK’d by terra something like that


Further details:

Well i got banned for harassment, Last night me and mick was told by Terra to block each other in-game which i did and today it’s come to my attention that he’s provided multiple clips of me furthering the harassment against him. I don’t think i was harassing i said absolutely 0 words for him in one clip it’s me spamming him with money but this wasn’t targeted towards him i did it evenly among everyone can ask some of the notable players like Ruby, Homer i think is one? i did it cowboy too if he wasn’t AFK when he joined the server and tori the staff member. Most if not all the clips are just me following ominously which doesn’t inherently ruin his role-play experience the only sort of “harassment” that i’ve done is just counter his raid but then i also believe that i shouldn’t be barred from interaction at all because that’s impeding what i can do whenever i join and play. and so far only his POV has been seen on this incident the only thing that i have cared about to report him is for him just calling DWIT a pedophile group and myself a pedo lover which is just like defamation although not really because it’s a video game but everyone is missing the in-between time when i were doing my own stuff like basing with Slerpy growing weed or running around as a rat or just talking to players in the fountain area. I don’t think i’ve done that worse of a thing that deserves a 2 week ban i’d be happy to take a reduced one and more than happy for an unban i don’t think i’m a bad player and some people like me on the servers others don’t but that’s just what’s gonna happen it’s a video game i don’t go out of my way to cause trouble


Any evidence you can provide:

Can’t i don’t sook all i could do for yous is just get players to agree to my story but then mike will turn around and go “There his friends! look!”


Have you become familiar with the rules?:

Pretty familiar i think i’d passed a quiz


Extra I'd like to add

I'd like for this to be reviewed by either management or staff members who have no experience with myself or Mike since i do believe that bias is gonna play a part in the responses to this because that's just a natural thing that will happen

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Clear bias staff response already by reacting with clown - Mr Osama having been trying his hardest to warn me for Metagaming (I said he was in a disguise when I first saw him go in a room as a grower came out as a junkie no metagame) and breaking NLR in the sewers (Had killed me above ground ages away and said i broke NLR by being a rat in the sewer basically), Sinister was there at the time probably an hour before my ban Edited by DWIT Toby
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