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Hyo Ban Appeal / Warn Appeal

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Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:454773285

In-game name: Hyo


Time and date of ban (Use timezone): I don't know, I was AFK. And I can't read the time on my ban. But is was around 2:40pm AEST I think.


Name of the Staff Member that banned you: Jack Stone


Further details: I was banned for "Building on Streets| Recent Warns | Ignoring Admin | SB 1h"


I remember going afk as a night club manager after I had set up fog and stagelights next to the blackjack shed for added effect and appeal. The blackjack building being on the side of the street, along with my two stagelights and fog machines. I had to go AFK because of personal reasons, and when I got back I found I was banned. I have no active/recent warnings, and even then, I only have 2 other warnings which were for RDM and ARDM 3 weeks ago.


Any evidence you can provide: No, sorry.. I was AFK and tabbed out.


Have you become familiar with the rules?: Yes I am very familiar with the rules :(

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Hi Hyo,

This was the second or third Time I have found you Setting up the Night Club Either on the footpath/alley or Blasting Music Onto the Street. You have been warned by myself and others before this not to do so or else risk a warn/ban. It was I believe yesterday or the day before that I told you that you cannot build on paths/alleyway and you ignored my request, thus needing to be kicked, which I did. I found you yet again today with fog machines, and bar equipment setup on the pathway of Mainstreet and was afk. This is unacceptable and I believe the Warn/1h SB was a suitable punishment for your misdeeds. Screenshots are available if needed.


I hope I never find you doing this again,

-Jack Stone

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If you cannot remember if it is the second or third time, I would be worried, and I am. Because I know people will read your response, I think I need to clarify the first time I built my nightclub in an alley way, and for the ban I received it was the second; where I didn't set up a night club at all and only added small accessories to the sides of a blackjack build on the side of the street.


I see people who make those builds being able to do it again, and again without warning. So why was I warned and banned?


The first complaint was not because I had built my night club in an alley, it was because of the music. I have only ever been warned by yourself not to do such things, not by others like you said.


Bar equipment? You mean a single stand pushed right up against the wall like the other stores/gambling stalls I have repeatably mentioned?


I don't understand why I'm being severely punished

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You were told multiple times before by Jack Stone and other staff members, but still did not listen to him. Only hobos are permitted to have props on sidewalk. Please familiarize yourself with the rules. Ban has expired, but warn remains.

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