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Pedro Pascal Police Commissioner Application


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SteamID: STEAM_0:0:149416097

Discord User#: Dloading0#5555


What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot): 5d 8h + over a week and a bit from pre-update1625223994400.thumb.png.c18c3ad8963f88f638ce02f8a38e341b.png


How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot): 0



How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot): 0


What is your current Police rank?: Chief Inspector

What is your current SWAT rank?: Lance Corporal


What are your other ranks? (Detective, undercover, etc.):

Detective: Senior Detective

SWAT Sniper: Specialist



Why do you believe that you should be a Commissioner or Commander?:

I originally planned on applying for swat commander at the beginning due to being one on Supremacy and enjoyed it a lot. I think that my role on Supremacy for swat commander which was to create all the testing and make some of the first training for swat on supremacy makes me a worthy applicant for a role as high as Commissioner or Commander. However, enough reminiscing on the past, at the current time I want to take a role in the Police Department to change it up a little as I enjoy having leadership in the base government role mostly everyone starts at and think that having a go at Commissioner might be some fun. I am highly active on the server and dedicate most of my spare time on here playing either police or making general events therefore making PD trainings would slot in perfectly to how I like to spend my time on the server and I think most players would appreciate my unique ideas towards training and my attitude towards trainings. My biggest emphasis when I am either assisting a training or participating in one is the necessity for officers and swat to constantly communicate with one another to coordinate effective tactics and overall maximise roleplay as government enforcement. I am very observant of the police department and am not deterred from consistently doing prob trainings and assessing who deserves a promotion and who is not acting in the best interests of the server or police itself.


Explain what you would be giving to the community, once received this role:

If I am given the opportunity to play as Police Commissioner, I would provide the community with a different approach towards Police through more organisation and active RP between fellow cops. For example, I would coordinate more collaboration between fellow cops by possibly creating minor units or squads if you like of cops to investigate areas of the map such as industrial or sewers. While online I would be very perceptive of what officers are up to and would be available to converse with any officer that has a question or requires assistance. I believe I possess a new means of playing police and enjoy a level of discipline and coordination to make the police department one of the most efficient and effective branches in government through active communication and participation.

What are some qualities that make you stand out from other Police Officers?

- Leadership: players listen to me and understand the chain of command when I am on Police therefore taking more commands from me would be easy for the police department, I also believe that players respect me enough to take what I have to say into consideration and utilise me for assistance when playing PD.

- Creativity: I believe I am very imaginative when it comes to creative police trainings or ideas for how I am going to maximise roleplaying for the police department and already contain a list of possibilities of what to do with officers when I am online and unique training that will not only be consistent, but fun for all cops and swat to play.

- Experience: I had the max roles on all government stuff on Supremacy so I understand how to command a unit and what needs to be done to make all players enjoy their time on cop and ensure that no one feels excluded or unsure what to do while they are playing cop. I understand how to test people and what to look for when handing out promotions accordingly. I think my experience has provided me with a great ability to observe other players and I hope that it is valued enough and makes me worthy enough for this role.



Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given?:

of course

Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?:

of course

Do you agree to follow the Commissioner & Commander expectations once given?:

of course

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Certain +1

Firstly I'd like to say yes. Pedro has shown extraordinarily impressive with all work he has produced into the PD, from teaching Probationals, to basically taking over entire trainings! There is not a doubt in my mind that Pedro Pascal should receive this well-deserved rank in command as Commissioner. He has displayed brilliant performance throughout the PD and has shown himself to be a well-respected and friendly officer on the force. His high ranks and his activity on the server clearly distinguish that he is a reliable and trustworthy member, and that he, without doubt will show maximum effort in all Commissioner-demanding needs. Good Luck Pedro,

-Jack Stone

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Pedro is very active in the PD, and is definitely qualified for the role of Commissioner. I've seen him helping in trainings, teaching probationals and just being an outstanding member of the PD. He is a well known and well respected part of the community and would fit the role perfectly. He is one of the most active players i know and that's a good quality to have as commissioner so there can be more frequent trainings, patrols etc. With his high ranks and experience on SWAT and police on not just Orbital but on Supremacy as well, I'd say hes more than qualified for commissioner. Best of luck to you Pedro :)

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