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jacob wong incident report


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Your In-Game Name: jacob wong gaming


Your SteamID: jacob wong gaming


Offenders In-Game name: admins


Offenders SteamID: admins


Details about this incident: admins remove my rtool gun


Evidence/pictures (If any): Bro trust me


Time of incident (Including timezone): like 15 nmisues ago

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At least put some sort of effort into your appeal/incident report, you throwing out homophobic slurs won't get you too far either.


The punishment given by the staff member was valid, you putting up racist textscreens is against server rules and its advised that you refrain from doing it in the future.


Didn't provide any evidence to support your claims, next time put some effort into your appeal/incident report. Seems more of a trolly appeal hence why the following decision has been made;


Your blacklist and warn will remain.

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